Buzz Bands

The Internet's very democracy's made it tough to ferret out what's actually worth listening to -- after all, how can you trust a blog recommendation if you suspect its author has yet to grow pubes? For a veteran source on the local scene, check out Buzz Bands

Just launched this week, Buzz is an unaffiliated reincarnation of the now-defunct LA Times local music column, written by Kevin Bronson, the guy who introduced the world to Cold War Kids, Silversun Pickups, and The Airborne Toxic Event, a band some critics consider even deadlier than an Arcade Fire. Despite its pinkbabyfleshness, the blog's already got daily show recs, news on the EP release from Sunset Junction faves The Happy Hollows, and MP3s from acts both known (Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis) and unknown (Secret-Machines-sounding NorCal act The Aimless Never Miss -- but will they ever have a hit?). Plans are to update at least once a day with everything from exclusive photos to tour news; there'll also be a Bronson-approved venue guide, so you'll finally be able to compare Room 5, The Smell, and five rooms that just smell

For further reading, Buzz's blogroll includes everything from Oh My Rockness to Stuff White People Like -- which you can certainly trust, as their "music" entries include "Classical" and "Piracy".