It can be quite hard to respect Great Britain, what with their silly sayings, silly dentistry, and silly currency, which is really just a streetwise alternative to shaking hands. Giving you new reason to respect those limeys, Farah's Vintage Collection.Just dropped, the Vintage Collection's a stylishly upscale throwback-esque selection of blazers, khakis, button-ups and more from the iconic British brand, which was originally famous for its polyester "action slacks", also what Clint Eastwood says when practicing his directives in his closet. Classing up your top half are button-ups like the slim fit, tiny-blue checked, long-sleeve "Foley" and the short-sleeved chambray "Beckett"; sweaters like the v-necked, textured "Albert", and sharp-looking blazers like the single breasted, unlined purple "The Lang" and the half-lined "Norris", which has two buttons, though push either one of them, and Chuck will punch you in your soul. They've got your crotch covered too, w/ options like the slim-fitting, slightly stretchy, five-pocket "Mills", the single-pleated folded-hem "Wallace" and the slim, plain, "rope" colored "Walker", which also has buttons, though be careful... you already saw what happened the first time you messed with Chuck. Farah's also got summery stuff like shorts and polos, as well as two travel bags -- just make sure to keep them under fifty pounds as any more would take you forever to get through security.