Cash Crop

You can usually get enough without going all the way -- or at least, that's what Jenny Stanley told you sophomore year, before you realized Jenny Stanley was banging Paul Deitz (why Paul Deitz? Whyy?). For a company that rides the earth-friendly wave just far enough, check out Cash Crop

Just dropped for the spring from a longtime fashion vet, Cash Crop's first line's all upper body wear that is nearly 100 percent dedicated to being sustainable, like the honeymoon period with Doritos 3D. To that point, they've got three button-ups, each made from organic cotton, w/ devilishly unorganic plastic buttons: "The Duster" is a long-sleeved number w/ woven-in checkered detailing on the placket and shoulder straps; "Mang" is an extra-thin red-checkered short-sleever w/ the same detailing in black, and the third's a slightly stretchy, heavier-cotton number called the "Odelay" -- seriously, Beck it out! For slightly cooler temps, hit the "Throwback," a thermal w/ an eye-esque "CC" logo where the pocket'd normally be, and the vinyl-ish "Stealth", an angularly-pocketed motorcyle jacket made from the recycled remnants of five plastic bottles, w/ buttons made from recycled aluminum, although none of that'll make up for the time you forgot to clip the six-pack rings

Cash Crop's also got a slew of natural-inked tees, which range from those with a green message ("Time To Reload," with a gun about to blast a corn cob) to one with a bunch of smartly dressed people hanging out under the letter "X" which CC claims has no real meaning and just "looks cool", just like Deitz and his admittedly awesome lacrosse hat.