Award-winning chili that'll get you hooked

There're certain things people just can't seem to get enough of, from money, to fame, to songs about not getting enough, sung by a dude who was probably referring to auto-erotic asphyxia. For a slightly less dangerous obsession, check out Chili Addiction

From an unlikely partnership between a former jeweler and a software engineer, Chili Addiction's a tiny, ultra-casual brick-and-mortar outpost for distribution of the duo's dozens-of-varieties of award-winning chili, all of which were previously only available at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, and now can be purchased without guiltily avoiding the dude selling organic kale. They're rocking an eight-kettle rotation, with four always set in stone: hearty prime rib, a chili-con-carne "Deep Rich Red Mesquite", the green chili/tomatillo "Chicken Verde" and a vegan option with hominy and soy chorizo... so, ok, really three options. The others will vary either bi-weekly or monthly depending on supply, and could include anything from their monstrous list, which includes exotic choices like Israeli couscous to ultra-hot selections like the "Roasted Pepper Inferno," and the "Filthy Martini", packed with chicken, vodka, vermouth, and several tasteless Dolly Parton jokes.

Chili's all available in three sizes of bowls, or over pasta/fries/sweet potato fries; they also hand make a slew of sausages (Bavarian chicken/jalapeno & cheddar/etc), hot dogs, and ice cream, which you also can't get enough of, especially when you're feeling Depeched.