Watching TV & movies online is a crapshoot -- sometimes that link you've got gets you right to Lost, and sometimes it just ends up taking you to some smutty take off of Lost, which you had to watch for, like, fifteen minutes just to make certain it's definitely, absolutely not Lost, which it wasn't, but you never can be too sure. Be sure, much more easily with Clicker.

Envisioned as an easily navigable, online TV guide founded by the former CEO of, Clicker is a SoCal-based, searchable trove of all sorts of mostly professionally produced online videos culled from multiple sites, which include everything from short TV interviews to full-length movies to made-for-the-web serials, which taste good with skim milk, but now your computer is broken. Using the site's simple: once logged in, you can either type in a keyword or search for a show by title, media (TV/movies/web originals/music) or category (20+ choices ranging from "Action and Adventure" to "Sports" to "Kids", which is totally incorporated). Videos are curated by Clicker's staff for quality/legitimacy, and depending on the host site, are either displayed in their own video player or are one direct link away; results range from big-screen blockbusters (Ghostbusters) to forgotten beloved TV shows (Parker Lewis Can't Lose) to oddities like Time magazine's podcast "10 Questions for Alex Trebek", which you'll find under "I'm Never Ever Going to Watch That" for $1000.

The site's in private beta right now, but they're allowing anyone who signs up for an account full access within a couple days of their submission -- until that time, you may want to check that Lost link again, just in case they changed it, or maybe added more scenes, or something.