Eclectic tops and bottoms, straight outta OC

There's often an overbearing societal pressure to buckle down and concentrate, but how's that possible, when your ADD addled brain can't even make it to the end of...you're not even reading this, are you? For a company that can relate to your never-ending lack of focus, check out Copy Collection.Copy's an OC-based tops-and-bottoms line from a former Perry Ellis/Gotcha guy, who claims a pervasive vintage '90s influence on his mostly limited-edition gear, but in reality, the stuff's so charmingly unfocused that... man, hot dogs make great lunches. Enzyme-washed, super-soft tees are resolutely all over the map, with everything from a simple, thick-striped v-neck, to a digitally printed greyscale moonscape (also available in a hippied-out splash of color), to a face composed of two different eyes, a mouth made of rectangles, and a plus-sign nose -- clearly waiting till it's 18 to get an operation for a greater-than. Other gear's equally rando: a pocketed, plaid button up, a slew of colorful tank tops, and an all-black short-sleeve hoodie, for making all your robberies armed ones.The new drop's also got Copy's first couple pairs of jeans, one a fairly straight-forward five-pocket affair, the other with extra zippers at the hip, because no matter how ADD a man is, he's always able to buckle down and concentrate on one thing -- facilitating people getting into his pants.