Crying Wife

It's a known fact that women cry at the most ridiculous things: their friends' babies, their cousins' weddings, their superstar-athlete husband's public admissions that he's been sleeping with every cocktail waitress and p**n star he's meet over the last 14 years. Finally finding a woman who actually cries at important stuff, Crying Wife.CW is one Mission Viejo man's video-with-occasional-subtitles documentation of his wife Holly's reasons for irrationally weeping throughout and at the end of just about any movie, and not even because she's creeped out her husband is always filming her. Through the sobs, he interviews her, with these results:Marley and Me: After an honestly impressive, completely unintelligible more-than-a-minute-long soliloquy about why she hates the movie because it's "too sad", Holly recovers long enough to wish that they'd "just make a superdog that never dies," -- a bold statement she'll regret when Krypto the Superdog poaches her brunch table at Toast. Return of the Jedi: Responding to whether the movie is sad, she says,"Yes it was... because he couldn't see his son and he just, if he just didn't go to the Dark Side and he had just lived... Padme died, if he'd had seen his babies and grew up with them, he could've raised them the right way, but it all turned out bad in the end, and in the very end there was a party" -- so...yes? Lord of the Rings: After three long, separate, super intense sobbing fits, Holly witnesses the kingdom bowing to the hobbits and blurts out, "These guys are like best friends forever now (small sob). They've got a bond that can never be broken", much like Mighty Putty forms with everything else.There're only a few vids on the site at the moment, but they're taking suggestions but stay tuned for reactions to Flying Tiger Hidden Salami.