An app that expels bad drivers/ lets you meet cute ones

In LA more than anywhere, bad driving is a sin -- especially if you're trying to play Bel Air with Chuck Lorre, 'cause everyone knows the only way to win that dude's respect is to be long off the tee. Now letting you report the OTHER kind of bad driving, DriveMeCrazy.

DMC's a just-launched gratis iPhone app designed to report terrible drivers and alert them to their awful 15-in-a-35 ways, developed by the guy behind Shazam -- man, Shaq does everyth--oh, wait, that's Kazaam?. Using it's simple: while driving, if you see someone showcasing other terrible driving habits honk at your mom and tell her she's embarrassing you, hit the "bad driver" button on the screen and safely speak the license plate number to flag that car's driver; your report will then get sent to both the driver and the DMV, where it will sit for five hours before being told it's actually in the line for boat licenses. If you wanna get descriptive, you can also issue the driver a virtual "ticket" w/ details of the incident, search any license plate to check their DMC record, track where the most people end up flagged for driving like jerks (so you can potentially avoid those areas), or leave a listenable-to-all-app-users audio rant and...yup!...Mel Gibson just bought this thing.

If you don't want to spend all your time actually paying it forward, DMC's also got a tool which allows you to flag cute car owners, rate them, exchange messages, and check out a list of the hottest drivers, though you may politely disagree when Lorre insists it's got to be Big Bertha.