Little-known jean-ius now has his own spot

As evidenced in the computer world, ditching an overshadowing business partner can result in wonderful opportunities: Paul Allen left Microsoft to buy 1 1/2 sports teams, and Steve Wozniak bolted Apple to create 1 1/2 Steve Wozniaks. For a similar story from the world of pants, check out Dylan George. Dylan George is the nom-de-jeans of a longtime fashion guy who struck out on his own following his last job: developing the William Rast clothing line alongside his then-partner Justin Timberlake, who got really famous for his fine work in the silver screen classic Alpha Dog. All DGs're made from imported Italian or Japanese denim, with a feel that's "both crisp and soft", thanks to washes in a proprietary potassium blend, and then're finished with a longer-than-his-competitors oven-roast -- a little known step in the jeansmaking process, with DG's exact method being a "trade secret" (but it's safe to say it involves a dash of clothesmary). All models include the brand's wildly random trademark "Z" stitched into the back pockets, with most offering a bit of give thanks to a small percentage of stretchy elasterell woven into the mix; options range from the slightly worn-looking boot-cut "Shogun", to the low-rise "Eric", with leather-trimmed, zippered back pockets, to the relaxed-fit "Rookie", which is slightly faded, earning it a "near-mint" listing in Beckett.George's also got a few non-jeans options, including a wide-collared cashmere sweater, a few simple button-ups, and a zippered cotton/nylon "Lieutenant" jacket -- presumably named after 1/2 a man named Dan.