The Girls of Sci-Fi

Much that starts as sci-fi fantasy eventually becomes reality, like how Stranger in a Strange Land predicted the rise of hippie culture, or how Star Trek predicted that women and Scottsmen would eventually be allowed in the workplace. For working women now bringing your own sci-fi fantasies to life, peep the The Girls of Sci-Fi

Running Saturday, The Girls is the latest burlesque extravaganza from the gorgeous geeks behind The Fempire Strikes Back, this time with a nearly-all-new (and nearly-all-nude!) showcase that focuses on what it'd look like if chicks from classic spaciness were to remove their clothes/weapons/aluminum foil. Hotness includes an ultra-gymnastic lady imitating Pris from Blade Runner, a stripper-pole routine involving a sheen-costumed Aeon Flux, and even a Weaver-worthy dance from Alien's Ripley, believe it or not. In addition, they've got an ultra-detailed, fully-costume'd robot from Fritz Lang's film-school favorite Metropolis, an even-more sexed-up take on Jane Fonda's Barbarella, and a confetti-cannon-blasting Metroid, which isn't nearly as unsettling for people who've realized she's actually a chick

To keep you entertained during lulls in side-boobage, they've got live music from the Inland Empire's groovy Zentronic and spun sweetness from DJ Smokey Anthony, as well as giveaways from tattoo parlor the Freak Chic and sex store The Pleasure Chest, another thing women weren't technically allowed to feel until the '60's.