The best terrible ideas

They say to make it in Hollywood, you just need one good idea, though M. Night Shyamalan didn't really need to take it that literally. Scrapping one good idea for hundreds of bad ones: TV Goldmine.

TVG's a just-launched Twitter feed from the minds of four dudes who work behind the scenes on network sitcoms and spend their downtime writing each other cheesy names for TV shows, and responding with under-140-character loglines, which they then tweet as pitches from the fictional, lame screenwriter Darren J. McCool, who's obviously O'Not. Among the concepts:

Saint Thousand: "Retired Pro-Bowler Jackie St. Thousand is using his own money to reopen the neighborhood church. But he's doing it HIS way.".

Threads of Fate: "Three seamstresses unite to fight crime in the warehouse district but are stopped by a reasonable section of municipal code."

Crushed Pepper: "A brutal cheerleading accident dashes the hopes of Kerry Perk. Her body makes a full recovery, but what of her pep?"

Princes of Luste: "A broken down alcoholic jai alai pro gets one last shot at the Luste World Championship and its $6,600 purse".

The dudes plan on updating with 3-5 new ideas a day, and hope to possibly shoot trailers for a couple of the shows to post at Funny or Die, sadly the same place where M. Night's attempts to make jokes got him killed... or wasn't he already? Only Bruce Willis knows!