USC dudes make videos for your amusement

USC has produced tons of talents -- a fact that would be even more impressive if all of their parents didn't own movie studios. Trying to prove there's actually talent independent of family: Good Neighbor's low-fi web videos.

Good Neighbor's a four-man collective birthed via a sketch comedy club at USC, which now's posting all types of both skit-based and Borat-deadpan-style hilarity weekly on YouTube, all while they live together in a house in Silverlake, also what Brian Austin Green calls his pool, which he only gets cleaned when his residual checks clear from 90210. The newest vid "Movies" is also probably the strongest, featuring troupe member Kyle Mooney painfully, awkwardly interviewing strangers man-on-the-street style at ShowBiz Expo, interrupting them mid-question to ask hard-hitting non-queries like, "I like seeing movies and TV shows all over?", a tactic he's also employed at two Lakers victory parades, during which he got a pretty sick Jordan Farmar's tan. Other video highlights: "420 Disaster", where a group member claims to be a stoner without taking a single hit; "Knockers", a faux local-TV ad for a Hooters rip-off w/ a chubby, cross-eyed waitress who happens to be the owner's sister-in-law; and one in which everyone in a financial crisis-addled office does weird dances, called, as one might imagine, "Corporate Song & Dance", a much better choice than "Wedding Song & Dance", since the rights to that are exclusively owned by The Black Eyed Peas.

The group just announced two performances at UCB, with the first one on February 10th, as well as an upcoming show at the University of Kansas -- a school that's also produced tons of talent, plus Bob Dole.