Erection 2008

A democracy's strength is measured by how informed its electorate is -- so when even that part of your electorate that humps for a living is savvy, your democracy is thrivin'. Welcome to Erection 2008.Set up by adult studio Pink Visual and on-demand giant Yappo, Erection's dedicated to letting those whose bonings you so enjoy express their thoughts on the politicians currently boning the nation. The meat's a series of vid interviews with starlets and their beefcake counterparts: from a squatting, bra-and-panty'd Sammie Rhodes talking about why she's involved ("When you own a property...and thousands of dollars of your hard earned money go out the door to pay for other people, and stuff that is unjust, you will care"), to Amy Moore's from-the-set-of-Couples Seduce Teens take on whether she'd keep doing McCain if he had a heart attack ("I took CPR, so I probably could -- or suck his wiener, that might help"). Augmenting your edification's a blog with enlightened topics like which presidential/VP candidate has the best-looking MILF/daughter combo (if you said "Obama", you're probably no longer allowed to vote).If you have questions for the ladies/dudes, there's an email address provided -- when your electorate's getting informed by people who hump for a living, then your democracy's really thrivin'.