Expedia's Biggest Hotel Sale Ever

Saving on hotel costs can make your vacation, by freeing you up for extravagant meals, adventurous nightlife, and as many pay-per-view sessions of John Cena's 12 Rounds as your fragile heart can take. Now, save more than ever before, with Expedia's Biggest Hotel Sale Ever. The BHSE's exactly what it sounds like: an epic price slashing that'll allow you to secure high-class lodgings for less than some no-tell motels charge (don't worry: even though these digs are more luxurious, they still won't tell). The sale offers a 3-star hotel on the Vegas strip for $32/night plus great deals at over 6000 hotels worldwide, including hotels in San Diego and San Francisco -- where everyone will love your hilarious NL West-winner pun, "They Might Not Be Giants". Unlike other online travel agencies, Expedia won't charge you cancellation fees, so you won't be penalized if something comes up at work, or if absolutely nothing comes up at work and you kind of needed it to. To take advantage, book by August 31st for travel before September 7th. Hit Expedia.com now, or Cena will punish you with a little move called the Attitude Adjustment.

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