A break-out casual cafe from a long-time resto vet

In order to properly learn how to operate your own business, it helps to be the apprentice for a successful mentor who can show you the steps to success... or failing that, Donald Trump. For grub from an apprentice-no-more, there's Four Daughters Kitchen.

Just now open right by the beach, Four Daughters is an airy, colorful nook-like cafe from a guy who for more than a decade managed restaurants under the tutelage of respected restaurateurs like Steve Hanson at Fiamma in NY, and Michael Mina at Hollywood's XIV, where he familiarized himself with the trio of flavor concepts/roman numerals. Though the menu's composed of beloved stand-bys, most dishes incorporate gourmet'd-up ingredients; lunch examples include a chicken salad sandwich upgraded w/ sun-dried tomatoes, golden raisins, and alfalfa shoots; a BLT loaded up with shrimp; and a taco salad w/ Kobe beef, jicama, and sweet corn, which, unlike normal corn, actually asks about your day, thank you very much. Early risers can snag steak & eggs w/ 4DK potatoes & spicy Hollandaise sauce; chorizo & egg tacos w/ tomatillo salsa; and a scramble w/ rusted sausage, roasted leeks, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and a sage cream sauce, which foresees a future filled with financial uncertainty, and moderate weight gain.

Though it's just the daytime stuff for now, Four Daughters hopes to also be open for dinner in time for Valentine's Day, a day when couples properly learn how to express their love... or failing that, get fired.