Jewish history's filled with tales of wanderers -- nomads scouring the earth in search of shelter, or redemption, or non-Jewish women their moms will hate. Now wandering around LA: Jewish grub from Fressers.Fressers is a new rolling wagon with a menu squarely focused on Jewish-deli-style sandwiches, started by two Midwestern photographers with a love of meat, and also an interest in stuff you put in sandwiches. The featured 'wich is the pastrami, with the meat freshly steamed on the truck and served on rye w/ Beaver brand hot mustard; other notables include fresh-roasted turkey w/ Swiss, lettuce, tomato, and cranberry on rye; roast beef w/ horseradish sauce; and a baguette-based pot roast that's made in-house, and then hastily covered up with incense, even though there's not usually incense burning in there, so you're still probably busted. To celebrate their Midwest roots, the ladies're also doling out flyover-state-style bowls, jammed with mashed potatoes and gravy and loaded up with your choice of roast beef, pot roast, or turkey & corn, all of which are served with a baguette; there're also sides (coleslaw, potato salad, cabbage salad, chips) and desserts like chocolate-walnut fudge and coconut bars, which's also where you can find Rupert Holmes. Because he likes Pina Coladas, and apparently inclement weather. Follow their Twitter, and you'll see where they're rolling quietly (probably mostly around the Westside) before their official post-Christmas opening, which doesn't really matter to the Jews, even if their wives still make them get trees.