Peru, meet Japan...

For years, people have been asking the same two questions: "What would happen if you combined the cuisines of Peru and Japan?" and "Would said cuisine make me look fat in this pleather skirt?". Hoping to, at the very least, tackle that first one, the dude behind Osaka.

Finally opening tonight (after 3+ years, or one Raiders-Broncos game worth of false starts) thanks to relentless work from a longtime Argentinian restaurateur, Osaka's the first US location of the upscale Peru x Japan hybrid mini-chain, which also has spots in Mexico, Buenos Aires, and Santiago, in case your thing is dining inside remarkably durable Padres catchers. The whole shebang's split into three distinctive areas, each serving the full menu: when you walk in, there's a monstrous, all-wood, 360-degree bar flanked by a fireplace, followed by a booth-heavy main dining area with a ceviche bar and a ceiling covered in hanging ropes (nautical theme!), as well as a foliage-clad patio with its own bar lined with bottles of Pisco that's been house-infused, so expect it to sass you pretty bad before begrudgingly curing what ails you. The food's all shareable fusion bites like the Mi Peru (raw white fish/ rocoto cream/ aji limo/ cilantro emulsion/ lemon drops), the Thai Ebi (red curry leek sauce/ grilled shrimp/ crunchy tonkatsu/ salmon caviar), and the glazed, garlic-sauced "Evil Scallops", which surprisingly are not full of V.E.N.O.M.

Rezzies are pretty full-up for the launch, but Thrillist's got tables available for 20 readers tonight, so hit the email below if you answer yes to either of these two questions: "Do you want to be the first to eat there?" and "Are you okay looking fat in pleather skirts?".