Buying fine art for your apartment's a risky pursuit; choose wrong, and for the rest of your life you'll regret letting that long-tongued man at the auction talk you into paying 3 grand for an oil painting of Gene Simmons. Keep things interesting instead, with TurningArt.Just launched by a Boston-dwelling gallery owner and her husband, TA's a Netflix-esque service that'll lend you a revolving roster of art for a monthly fee, which is better than a monthly Fee, since that requires selling goo balls in the parking lot of Phish shows. Using it's simple: once signed up, you get to choose at what rate to rotate the art (two months/three months/at your leisure), and then take your pick from hundreds of works from over 30 artists, which're arranged by style, color, medium, and price; once you've picked, they'll send you a package with your first pick and a reusable black or gold frame in which to put -- wait, what do you mean they don't have "Dogs Playing Poker"? Art ranges from jagged, stained-glass-esque surrealism to neo-classical nudes, to a series of pictures featuring a rooster, to a bikini clad woman in a chaise lounge titled "Christine Sunbathing" -- so it looks like Old Christine is getting herself ready for some new adventures! Wait, there's more! Each buck you spend renting the art goes towards credit to actually buy it at up to 40% off, also the same deal that masked vendor promised he was giving you on that eight-foot tall oil of his spiked cod piece.