8 Bit Wood

Your parents always said your love of video games would ensure you'd amount to nothing, and for years you've told them they're wrong -- at the dinner table, of course, since you still live at home. For a guy whose love of video games amounts to cool things on your walls, check out 8 Bit Wood

8BW's an LA-based operation making pixelated representations of your favorite old-school video game icons out of pine wood, started by a designer for Tony Hawk/Guitar Hero-maker Neversoft whose first project was making a classic arcade icon, then covertly putting it up at work "without permission", also the name of the Lifetime movie subtitled: The Kobe Bryant Story. Each piece takes days to hand make, w/ the founder first putting a pic of the subject into Photoshop and figuring out its pixelated patterns, then cutting up wood into squares, and gluing it all together; the result's everything from a wall-scaling version of Ninja Gaiden's hero Ryu, to the Excite Biker pulling a wheelie, to the muscled-out dudes from Contra, aka the dudes from Vampire Weekend if they became awesome on 'roids. He's also got some way-back stuff (Atari 2600's long forgotten Adventure, the dude from Pitfall! jumping on some 'gators, etc), as well as his largest project to date: a full Duck Hunt setup, w/ a bird mid-kill, another one flying, and the dog laughing on the grass, which does make everything pretty hilarious.

Coming soon's a life-sized Glass Joe getting pwned in the jaw, and the creators on a non-duck hunt to send samples to his lifelong vid-game designer heroes, including Tim Schaffer, who's behind Monkey Island, also where your mom keeps threatening to send you if you don't stop ordering the Spice Channel and blaming it on Uncle Jeff.