Matty8080 Art

Art can sometimes be annoyingly high minded and confusing, especially when he tries to call a play that's not HB Toss Right to Bo Jackson. For great art that doesn't take itself seriously or use Marcus Allen, check out Matty8080

Matty's a proficiently artistic dude from Rock City who makes meticulously low-cost artwork that nearly without exception features some sort of unexpected twist -- just like an M. Night Shyamalan movie, except Donnie Wahlberg's not naked in someone's bathroom. Poster-wise, his newest drop includes an ongoing series of humans wearing fantastical animal masks (in this case, a slew of characters including sharks, deer, cobras, and um, unicorns); "Rom and the Dire Wraiths of Love," which features a cartoon robot being embraced by evil-looking tentacled aliens; and "Squirrel With A Keytar", who's far cooler than one with a Nut Zipper. He's also got a slew of zombie prints, including a uniquely hand-stamped one of a brain-eater munching on a hand with the text "hang in there"; the self-explanatory "Ask Me About My Zombies"; and "Zombie Blood Friends", which features the undead embracing a little monster, though clearly not Howie Mandel, since that dude's a germaphobe

In addition to the poster-sized prints, he's also got postcards, book jackets, and buttons, but thankfully not buttonhooks, since Art knows all too well: Rocket Ismail ain't catching sh*t.