Mike Mitchell Art

There are times when you've just got to take on the big projects, in order to be able to make the more arty side ones, though either way it's a bummer to spend all your time in subsidized housing developments. Enjoy the fruits of the smaller ones courtesy of Mike Mitchell

MM's a graphic designer and artist who's done work for big hitters like MTV, but whose best stuff comes in the form of bizarre surrealism and quirky plays on pop culture, one of which went mainstream when it became the main graphic for the save-Conan-O'Brien campaign "I'm With Coco" -- shirts Ice-T is buying by the dozen at area Goodwills. Among the pop-icon goodness: "Charlie", an ancient-looking portrait of a bearded man wearing a Mickey Mouse hat; "Punk Salesman Genius", a t-shirt print that references both The Social Network and The Office, and "Super Mario World", which's a cartoony print of a Nike-wearing Tyrannosaurus Rex being dominated by a fat, princess-saving plumber -- man, since retiring from football, Jake really let himself go. Non-pop graphics include "Little Pilot Skullington", essentially a baby skull, holding a match, riding a hummingbird; "Heye", which features an eyeball w/a mouth, arm, legs, and chest hair; and the kicker of the collection, "Awesome 5000", which features an AK-47-wielding viking riding a unicorn while crossing the moon, which is cool, though anyone trying to enjoy starlight thinks he's a nordick

The work is available either as tees or as prints, and much of the product is limited-edition, unlike in the projects, where there's plenty of product to go around.