Getting an unexpected bonus is great, whether it's a single onion ring in an order of fries, a $10 bill in your pocket post-laundry, or involuntary manslaughter when you totally meant to kill that dude. For hoodies with an unexpected bonus, check out HoodieBuddie

Sadly not a MyBuddy for the urbane, HoodieBuddie is an LA-based company that's just opened a webstore selling variations on their genius product: hoodies, with covertly hidden earbuds built into the drawstrings, which connect to an also-covertly hidden iPod/Zune/Archos Jukebox. Hoodies come in a bunch of different looks w/ medium-weight solids in a ton of colors, including light green, sky blue, and blood red, as well as a few prints, like a surrealist, circuitboard-looking number called "Hex 29", one w/ an image of a blown-out audio head called "Sergeant Speaker", and an American flag w/ the stripes made out of knobs and buttons & the stars all guitar picks, which they call "Freedom Rocks", also what the Tea Party Movement started calling Pop Rocks when they discovered French people also like candy. They've also just released a collection licensing the likeness of Betty White, w/ two dude designs dropped so far: a black-and-white take off of Shepard Fairey's "Hope" poster called "Propaganda Betty", and Betty's face looking all Miami Vice-like, with the text "White Heat", aka the Heat + Jon Scheyer.

Despite their electronic-ness, HoodieBuddie can actually be machine-washed, which is an unexpected bonus, though a small one, since you are still in prison.