E-greetings, plus boobs

The only thing in life better than making people smile is making people smile with nudity, and the only thing better than making people smile with nudity is doing it while calling them a Big Jew. Achieving that triumvirate, HottieGram.

HottieGram's a new, racy e-greeting site co-founded by a Playboy playmate, which features her and two of her centerfold friends delivering customized greeting videos that always end with one of them getting topless, and you getting awkward looks from your co-workers/grandparents. Using it's simple: pick a greeting (a smattering of ultra-specific options, including everything from typical stuff like "Birthdays" to sadly more-typical stuff like "Sorry She Cheated on You"), a girl (Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood, Miss December Christine Smith, or Miss November Tiffany Taylor), and a name of the sender, or choose from a slew of nicknames, which range from the friendly "sweetheart" to self-evident "hippie" to, yes, "Big Jew," because you've got to have something to call Louie Anderson post-bris. The resulting video's previewable before sending, and themed towards your greeting (i.e. "Your Team Sucks" features Christine in/out of a ref jersey in a locker room; "Jewish High Holidays" takes place in a temple, "Stop Being a Douchebag" has a big picture of a douchebag behind it); each's also available in a PG-13 version, for the Mormons.

It's in totally-free beta now, but once in full-on mode there'll be a nominal fee to send the videos, and the site'll also offer monthly or yearly memberships, which include behind-the-scenes videos and bloopers, proving the only thing better than a single nipple slip, is a double.