House Of Revenj

The line between fantasy and reality can become dangerously blurred -- one minute, you're reading a story above the school gym, and the next, you're riding a flying poodle, desperate for people to stop calling you Atreyu. Blurring that line for the sake of fly gear, House of Revenj

Based in LA, H of R is a line of tees from a graphic designer who created colorful, complex, all-over-print shirts based on blaxploitation and Asian gangster movies that never actually happened, each of which hails from an also-false convoluted mythology involving a trip to Japan in which a dying movie producer reveals the whereabouts of a vault full of said movies, which are then turned into shirts... and the rest is (completely made up, semi-insane) history! Shirts are all eco-friendly molecular cotton construction, and are broken into two categories, most of which look like movie posters; the blaxploitation ones fall under the name "Soul Traffic", all of which contain afros: examples include "Alameda Steel," with a sunglasses-sporting, suited brother wielding a revolver while sports cars go whizzing by under him; the red "Piccadilly Circus," which features imagery of Big Ben besieged by helicopters and motorcycles as the backdrop to a crime caper, and "The Soul Connection," which apparently stars Tohimbo Jackson, whose singing just couldn't compete with Tito. The yakuza-ish collection's just called Revenj, with shirts like the Hitchcockian "A Lovely Sort of Revenj" (w/ a nefarious-looking silhouette of a geisha girl amid cobra-laced cards), "Contra Mundum," a melange of "colorful" characters, some of whom are cartoonishly speaking an Asian language, and the guns akimbo "Double Shot Revenge," which you usually just call "a generously poured Cement Mixer".

They've also got two brands for women, with all four sharing space on their ridiculous website, which melds cool spy music, flash animation, navigable cartoony scenescapes, and an E-store, so you can buy gear that'll protect you from the Swamps of Sadness.