Get your club/grub on

They might find you in the club, bottle full of bub, but wouldn't you gladly trade that for a bacon cheeseburger if it meant 50 Cent would stop trying to dose/hug you? Well, now you can have both the burg and the bub, mama, at Industry.

Opening tomorrow in the old Area space from the SBE guys (Mi-6; The Bazaar; etc), Industry's a new, mood-lit nightclub with a slew of sweet features: an interior boasting leather banquettes, a "dance pole" abetted dance floor, private smaller rooms, 4 full service bars to avoid long lines (including one on a partially enclosed outdoor patio), and, most importantly, a walk-up burger bar, because the the swim-up kind would be unhygienic. Everything's gourmet, with a schload of different options, including toppings like falafel, pastrami, and house-made chili and cheese; sides like onion rings and Parmesan chips; the outlier's the "Industry Dog," a monster piled w/ bacon, peppers, onions, pickled jalapenos, aioli, and mustard -- a great choice if your industry is sweatpants sales. On the drinks tip, they've obviously got bottle service, plus a full bar with a sweet skewing extensive specialty cocktail list: a tequila/cucumber/watermelon/lime margarita, or the mango vodka, jalapeno, fresh lemon & oj infused Burning Mango, which has plagued Chris Kattan since he slept with Garth Brooks.

If you find yourself still hungry, Industry also offers up booze-infused desserts like coconut creme brulee and brandy chocolate cake, which're perfect for partying like it's your birthday, even if 50 Cent doesn't give a f*** that it's not your birthday.