Thin sweaters for sunny days from one of LA's own

Heavy, bulky, itchy, as a kid there was no piece of clothing less reindeer to your heart than the sweater. For wildlife-free sweaters classily grown up for you, check out Inhabit

From a Fairfax High grad, Inhabit's just-released Spring line of thin, Cali-weather-appropriate sweaters keep your holiday photo memories safely repressed with buttloads of effortless sophistication. For materials, they ditch scratchy wool for Italy-/Japan-imported cashmere, linen, and cotton, all woven extra-thin thanks to extremely fine yarn counts; most sweaters get added details like inside-out seams, neck buttons hidden by plackets, and edges (collar, sleeve bottoms, etc) stitched with ribbing, which you'll find extremely good-natured. All offerings come in solid, muted colors (black, khaki, grey, etc), with styles ranging from pullover cotton/linen-blended v-necks to super-soft cotton hoodies to cashmere henleys with either polo-ish or nonexistent collars, which that ponce Kanye will defiantly figure out some way to pop

Inhabit's also just dropped one sweater that's so loosely knit it resembles mesh netting -- allowing you to emulate the villain most dear to your childhood heart, Bennett from Commando.