Israeli eats in Encino

The advent of Israel gave the Jewish people a modern homeland they would never leave -- until they discovered International Franchising Opportunities! Here to feed you with that promise: Itzik Hagadol.Just opened in Encino, and the first US outpost of a longtime Tel Aviv skewer standby, Itzik's a slate-columned, desert-muraled, palace-esque dining hall, armed with a clay flatbread oven and chefs flown in from Israel to ensure sufficient authentic tastiness/"ch" pronunciation. Directly mirroring the Tel Aviv protocol/menu, meat's grilled and served on massive metal spears: standards (Jidori chicken, lamb, beef fillet), pecuilar stuff (foie gras, chicken liver, the under-the-heart beef muscle known as "hanging tenders"), and one you're not familiar with at all, unless you're a poultry hooker (turkey testicles). Classic Mideast sides like hummus w/pine nuts and baba ghanouj are available, as well as more Americanish options like fries and mashed potatoes; Itzik's also serving up beer & wine, with Sam Adams and Fat Tire on tap, and non-alcoholic Israeli favorite "Black Beer", aka "why bother?".Itzik's also got seafood like salmon and bass, and when you order a "salad", you get 20, as your table's filled with small bowls of veggies (Israeli Salad), carbs (rosemary potatoes), and fried wondrousness (eggplant, falafel), all served alongside spiced pita and flatbread lafa. Best of all, the whole thing's endlessly refillable, ensuring you never leave, and the only thing that's franchised is your adipose.