Upgrade your wardrobe, custom-wise

For the most part, custom clothing is a luxury only enjoyed by the uber-elites, those considered the highest of high -- though to be fair, people other than fake-kidnapped Jeremy London also enjoy them. For affordable custom clothing you can rock to a Party or Five, hit J. Hilburn

Finally hitting LA, JH is a custom men's clothing line thought up by two former Wall Street guys who realized there was an opening for competitively priced quality shirts, trousers and other gear that's made-to-order, also the Mafia's new swearing-in process which involves pricking your finger and buying at least 12 CDs at standard retail price over the course of the year. It works like this: make an appointment and a personal style advisor (usually female, usually good looking) will visit you at work or home, take all the needed measurements, and guide you through your options; then, once you've picked the Italian fabrics you'll be rocking, a unique pattern is created, cut, sewn, and delivered to you within three weeks, though if you're willing to wait six and a half more, you can also choose to have Mickey Rourke blindfold you and titillate your body with ice. Shirt options range wildly from compact cotton, to 2-ply 100ct broadcloth, to 100% cotton, all in hundreds of styles like blue dressy herringbone, black luxury solid twill, and pink check, not to be confused with Pink Checks, an awesome show idea in which you make audacious statements of fact and Pink Googles them

They've also got custom pants (super luxury flannel, pinwale cord, cotton twill, etc.), sweaters, and outerwear, plus later this year they plan on moving into jackets and suits, another thing high Jeremy London and his public defender are intimately familiar with.