Korean. BBQ. <em>Tacos</em>.

Early man got his food through a combination of tracking prowess, skill, and luck, but once evolved, he fenced his animals in, ensuring the glorious act of eating would never again be preceded by the inglorious acts of exercise, and thinking. Corralling tacos: Kogi at the Alibi Room.Previously a phenomenon only obtainable from a roving Twitter-tracked truck, Kogi creates unique Korean BBQ-filled tacos that, starting tomorrow, will be also available from a wheel-less kitchen at Venice's Alibi Room lounge, saving you valuable tracking/chasing time, and relegating Twitter to being stupid again. Exclusive-to-Alibi dishes include rotating seafood specials (yellowtail collar, fresh squid), a kimchi-sesame quesadilla, and a hot dog w/ sesame mayo, spicy ketchup, melted cheese, and kimchi sauerkraut, a combination that knocks it out of the Chan Ho Park. Truck standbys'll also be available, both a la carte and in 3-taco platters, w/ options including marinated shortribs, spicy BBQ chicken, and spicy pork, all topped with goodies including sesame-chili salsa, cilantro/green onion/lime relish, and crushed sesame seeds, who got that way after discovering their bagels were sneaking around with everything.In addition to the new space, Kogi's also recently added a second roving truck -- consider tracking it down if you actually enjoy thinking, or just want to cement your carnivorous standing as a bona fide LeSabre-tooth tiger.