Food trucks serving crazy styles of tacos? How 2009. Yawn. But food trucks serving crazy styles of... burritos?? Say Happy New Year to Komodo, LA. Hitting the streets early next week, Komodo's a mobile operation from the Hotel Bel-Air's former grill chef peddling monstrous flour tortillas stuffed with a multicultural assortment of deliciousness, all served out of a rolling wagon identifiable by its massive black-and-white Komodo dragon, which isn't nearly as demurely lethal as the kimono dragon. Glorious heartiness includes requisite Korean-based stuffings (rib eye/chicken/spicy shrimp) as well as more traditional carne asada and fresh guac "Komodo Signature", and a smattering of American offerings, including the breakfast-esque Early Bird (egg, cheddar, scallions, bacon, sausage, shiitake mushrooms), a Cobb Salad 'rito, and the "Fish & Grapes," and what that contains is anybody's guess. Sides range from truffle fries to guacamole egg rolls to meatballs w/ romesco sauce, but not Romanesco sauce, since that's mainly made off links to the San Jose Mercury News. If you insist on it, you can also order any of the 'ritos as 3 smaller tacos, but that's such a cowardly move that you can expect to be forgot by your auld acquaintance.