Little Spoon Desserts Truck

By now it seems like there's a roving gourmet truck for everything -- well, everything except ice cream. Oh wait, they already had that? Since like the 60s? Damn. Well, move over not-so-bomb pops, because Little Spoon Desserts truck has arrived.Just launched by a trio of chick-trepreneurs, Little Spoon Desserts's a rolling wagon dolled up by the Pimp My Ride guys with LED lights and a bumping sound system, dedicated to making sure no one'll dance with you by partnering up with notable brick-and-mortar patisseries to dole out exclusive-to-the-truck candies, which are always like, "O Henry! Get off me! I'm with the truck now!". The menu changes each week, with recent selections including toothsome deliciousness like the sugar-cookie-and-toffee mash-up Cookie Bark, the pumpkin seed laden Pumpkin Brittle, rich chocolate eclairs, and creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake, all made just for Little Spoon by Tarzana's La Creme Bakery and Flour Girl Desserts, who were shy at first, but were won over by the pretty pink dress and rose petals! Coming next month's a slew more candies, including neon-colored lollipops, orange and mocha caramels, and green tea and white chocolate truffles, as well as savory items including cheeses, chocolate-dipped popcorn, and "a surprise bacon item," -- ask them nicely, and they'll also gladly ruin the end of The Game for you.Since their food's not exactly a meal on its own, Little Spoon's teaming up to share routes and fun with some of the more established trucks, like Kogi, Nom Nom, and the Green Truck, just no ice cream trucks, because those old jerks lack Good Humor.