Everyone wants to live the rock lifestyle, what with the girls...the attitude... the efficiency of dispensing with the final 42 years of a normal person's life expectancy. Helping you achieve that goal through bar, Loaded.Finally open now after a couple weeks of stops and starts, Loaded's a new rock bar from the Big Wangs guys that completely embraces the ol' school rocker ethos, from pics of Keith Richards and Sid Vicious on the wall, to a reasonably priced booze menu composed mainly of hard-drinking whiskies, to a wall made up of Marshall stacks, which're worth digging through if you're in the market for a pair of slightly irregular Mossimo boardshorts at 92% off. Beers're all $5 and under, w/ options including a dozen or so standard draughts, a bunch of bottles (Negro Modelo/ Shock Top/ Alaskan Amber), and tallboys (PBR/ Busch/ Colt 45); there's also a full bar leaning towards the dark side, w/ 30 whiskeys, bourbons, and scotches for $7 or cheaper, w/ options including Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood Single Malt, Kentucky's pepperminty Basil Hayden's, and white whiskey from Washington's Death's Door, which obviously must open directly into Idaho. In case your sick band is still undiscovered/hated, they've also got daily specials, including an every day happy hour w/ a second drink for just $1, a Monday $2 drink special, and Whiskey Wednesdays, w/ $3 call shots, an act you'll finally enjoy, since you suck at H.O.R.S.E.Loaded's also got a food menu w/ basics like burgers and pizzas, and to further-ify the rockiness, they've got a jukebox jammed w/ artists like The Germs, Black Flag, and, er... Lady Gaga, despite the fact that her time is already up.