Lomo Arigato

Everything you ever thought you needed to know about Peru you learned from social studies -- for example, there are mountains there, and you don't do well on tests. Adding some culinary steez to that lesson, Lomo Arigato.

Lomo's a just-launched Peruvian-fusion (yep you guessed it) food truck from a Japanese-American man who got the idea after eating Peruvian-inspired ceviche at Nobu, because nothing quite says "affordable food truck" like "turn-your-wallet-upside-down-and-shake sushi." Sustenance is broken down into three different dishes, each optionally doused in a creamy, green homemade jalapeno hot sauce and available with beef, chicken, or tofu: Saltado (onion/tomato/cilantro/french fry/red wine/soy sauce stir fry with a side of white rice), Tallarin Saltado (same as above, with spaghetti instead of fries/rice), and fried rice w/ Peruvian-style veggies called the Chaufa, also the feeling you may experience after too much of that hot sauce. On the drink tip, Lomo has a standard selection of sodas/juice, as well as the imported Peruvian favorite specialty drink Inka Cola, actually a yellow-colored liquid that's described as tasting like either bubblegum or pineapple, but strangely, never the obvious choice: artificial flavor.

Lomo plans on hitting the whole of the city, so follow them on Twitter to see when they're in your hood; they're also soon going to add tempura, tacos, and sausages -- providing yet another lesson you learned in school: it's hard to know when it's about to get sausage-y.