Museum of Modern Tweets

Museums are useful for peacefully showcasing works of pure genius, except, of course, at night when everything comes alive to try and eat Ben Stiller!!! Giving this treatment to celebrity tweets: The Museum of Modern Tweets.From an LA-via-NY illustrator, the Museum of Modern Tweets is a just launched colorful collection of literal artistic representations of banal Tweets from the only people that matter -- no, not the Jews, famous people! The offerings: John Mayer: The Snuggie-wearing crooner shrugs to the camera as a calendar burns in space behind him, referring to the Dec 30 tweet "Christmas on Dec 25 is merely a suggestion. It can happen anytime between the 25 and 31. And its happening now" -- suggesting that his body is not only a wonderland, but also on drugs. Nick Jonas: The second favorite Jonas bro's exclaims, "Such an exciting day. Going to sleep now. Goodnight", as he falls asleep while wearing the Rocketeer's jetpack and dreamily hugging a pink pony eating a bucketful of money... so, actually this might be a photo.Martha Stewart: Probably wasn't thinking that when she mistakenly tweeted "We boiled the pasta in salted water, put it on a giant platt," it meant she'd be pictured cheerfully eating it off Oliver, in an "I've got Plattitude" tee. New pics will be posted at least every Tuesday, with this week's offering coming from Kirstie Alley, who also is trying to eat Ben Stiller.