(News)Stand & Deliver

One of the best things about LA is the relaxed morning ritual of soaking up the sun as you impressively two-bite a breakfast burger, so why would you taint this idyllic scene by compulsively checking your BlackBerry for randomly sourced e-news? Kick back with the nation's most trusted newspaper, by getting home delivery of The New York Times.

Beyond the pleasure of knowing someone's getting up far earlier than you, home delivery of The Times means that from the comfort of your kitchen, your kitchenette, or that place that shall not be named, you can peruse the very best in national and international news -- a healthy reminder that maybe LA isn't the absolute center of the universe. Meanwhile, the exceptional Arts section provides a perspective on entertainment and culture that's truly global in scope, but at the same time reaffirms that LA is the absolute center of the universe. In a world where cheap opinions swarm like dimwitted killer bees, The New York Times' editorial page remains a must-read; if it came down to it, would you trust Thomas Friedman, a three-time Pulitzer winner who spent years embedded within the Middle East, or your Twitter-tastic friend Ralph, who pretty much just eats falafel, and can't even do that well, what with dripping the cucumber sauce on his lap and everything.

Right now, The Times is making this decision even easier on you, as Thrillist readers get 50% off home delivery for the first 12 weeks, that's as low as $4.70 a week. And don't worry, subscribing now will only help elevate your morning routine -- ravenous breakfast burger consumption's the reason they made newspapers foldable in the first place.