Oliver Rayn

A lot of things have been inspired by the beach, from Dick Dale's guitar licks, to Ugg boots, to the idea that it's possible to stab a shark in the face with a knife, and do a French chick. Adding to the tradition: Oliver Rayn.Just dropping now, OR's a Venice-based line of summery basics-and-more from a duo who are inspired by the beaches they grew up on -- one in South Florida, and the other in the North Shores of Boston, where his passion for clothes became More Than A Feeling. Everything's ultra soft, w/ fits designed to be more tailored; tops include mid-V-neck tees w/ the company's tree logo on the back; a crew-neck sweater in three different shades of brownish-grey; and a double-pocketed cardigan called the Dickens, suggestively leave a button undone and people will have great expectations. They've also got ultra-soft thin sweatpants in blue/grey/black, as well as two different cuts of shorts: the cargo-pocketed "Foyster", and the oddly-shaped, tapered-leg "Stiger", which are worth purchasing if only to refer to yourself as the "I of the Stiger". Oliver Rayn's also got a wintery line coming, with a slew of sweaters and hoodies w/ elbow badges, perfect for a typical windy day at the beach making booby traps and hallucinating that you're a character in a video game.