Penny Royal

It takes a prescient man to see that his chosen profession is fading, and to make the jump into an always reliable business -- like being a mortician, or making jewelry for men. Breaking down door number two, Penny Royal.

PR's an impressively one-man operation dedicated to custom-made, eminently dude-acceptable silver pendants, made by a music-biz guy who self-taught himself jewelry making after he realized the tunes industry was on its way to a downhill death plunge, like Ethan Frome, except with much more expensive outerwear. Designs can be based on anything from a photo of a tattoo to a simple pencil-line drawing, which are first sketched out onto a flattened piece of plaster, then cleaned up via computer, then re-carved into the plaster, and finally cast on an approximately quarter-sized piece of solid sterling silver, instead of David Silver, because he would just mess up the Spelling. The founder often mines his musical past for inspiration, with previous examples of badassery, including a cast of the Zeppelin ZoSo logo (made for Jimmy Page), a Jack Black-sketched doodle of a cartoonish devil with a halo above his head, and a woman who got a cast of the tiny handprint of her preemie baby, which, come to think of it, isn't really badass so much as ass-creepy.

Though the custom work's new, PR's also got a line of popular designs (skulls/hearts/etc), and also reissues some of the celeb-designed stuff with profits going to the charity MusiCares, which helps music biz people in their time of need, though if it were truly prescient it would be MusicWatchesOutForItsOwnAss.