The People's Shoe

They talk about power to the people, but how is power going to keep your toes clean when you step in that week-old Bubblicious? Well shoes to them too, with The People's Shoe.

Started by a hard-traveling Downtown-via-Laguna Beach guy while living in Shanghai, The People's Shoe is a line of eco-friendly casual sneakers modeled after the shoes that workers in China wear, made at the same Chinese factory as those shoes, which the company owner still visits often to make sure quality's up to snuff, his employees are paid a living wage, and no one's been eating his yogurts in the company fridge. The shoe's body is made from canvas, with a simple swoopish stripe on the side, vulcanized rubber soles and an etched, dimpled toe that kind of resembles a golf ball, except if you hit this with a club, you won't have to wear funny pants. Designs include traditional blue-on white lowtops, as well as red & black and grey-on-grey variants; just launched are black low-tops and high-tops that are white-on-white, like Orange County high school basketball.

Starting today, The People's Shoe has joined with SportieLA to use their Twitter feed (Twitter.com/ThePeoplesShoe) to give a pair of the new high tops away each day for a week -- giving back to the people, so they may more easily afford a fresh pack of Bahama Blast.