Picture War

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, or by claiming that your nemesis is an enormous man with terrible teeth who blasts circus music while he punches drywall. Embracing the latter tactic for your digital enjoyment, Picture War

Picture War is a blog from two local struggling comics, started as an escalating war of tagging offensive pictures of each other on Facebook that has since moved to the censorship-free frontier of WordPress, where they can each freely make desultory claims that the other is a naked man wearing an aluminum foil mask playing keyboards, or, even more hurtful, a local struggling comic. Among the highlights:

Title:"Matt Kaye -- Child Prodigy"Photo: A moustached baby sits in a closet, dressed in a black leather hat, and bejeweled suspenders. Caption Excerpt: "Then it hit him - like Chris Brown's fist to Rihanna's face. He was going to start his own baby cover band version of the Village People. But where would he find other gay babies?

Title:"Stirling Seeks B*tch"Photo: A morbidly obese, shirtless man with fake teeth and a backwards beret mugs terrifyingly for the camera. CE: "About me: I roller-skate like an Asian girl on meth: all slinky and elusive. I like Costco coleslaw with black licorice bits mixed-in. Favorite movie? The Bicycle Thief. I watch that sh*t in the original Italian and imaginate the talk-parts.

Title:"Matt Kaye's Silent Obsession With Lance Armstrong"Photo: A skinny, shirtless teenager wearing only grey tighty-whiteys flexes while trying to stay atop a mountain bike in a den.CE: "I told Matt that I don't think practicing indoors is going to help him win the Tour de France, but he just slammed down his Dr. Pepper and SoCo and said, "Godd*mmit! Can't you see I'm trying to balance!? Now, take my picture!

The site's only about a month old, but they're each putting up at least one new pot-shot a week -- because revenge may be a dish best served cold, but not because its been sitting out forever.