Your new neighborhood hair-hang

The problem with loitering is that if you do it in the wrong place, you could end up in a cop car, which'll lead to a jail cell, which'll lead to a really awkward phone call home for bail where you'll have to explain to your mom what you were doing outside that Discovery Zone. Instead, just end up with a haircut, at Proper Barbershop, opening tomorrow.

Proper's a new, classic-minded, dudes-only barbershop dolled up with hypercolor skateboard art, and black & whites of Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra, focused on hanging out and BSing, from two heavily-tatted barber-school-trained buddies, one of whom also graduated from Vidal Sassoon, but he's got tats, so it's cool. Six stations each have a refurbe'd antique chair from the '20s or earlier, facing into the store rather than at the mirrors to inspire conversation between customers; they offer both standard cuts and specialty greaser-style affairs like tapers and pompadours, 'cause someone's gotta hang out with Brian Setzer. To keep you around, they've also got hot lather/towel shaves, gratis shoeshines, and free beer, which hopefully isn't available to the hot lather/towel shave guy.

To maintain their sense of community, Proper's also got a lounge space in back with a flatscreen for UFC fights and movie nights, as well as an unpainted bathroom abetted with Sharpies, with which patrons are encouraged to put up graffiti, like your patented tag, "Shark Week Rulez!".