Hard-to-find dude-gear from the guy behind Shorty's Barbershop

They say getting a fresh haircut can make you feel like a new man, but you know what else that new man needs? A shirt that doesn't suck. And maybe a trainer or something. Get the gear after the cut, at Public Service.PS is a mid-sized hardwood floor'd dude shop with pool tables doubling as display racks, dedicated to unusual/hard-to-find men's gear, accessories, and gifts, all co-owned by the guy behind next-door's Shorty's Barbershop, so after that cut you can put on a shirt that isn't covered in itchy little hairs. They've got a full wardrobe of gear (including many LA designers), with examples including eco-conscious print tees and button-ups from Apolis Activism, sleek-looking, unbranded shoes from Zuriick, and jeans from Shades of Greige and Comune, both of whom should really invest in spellcheck. On the accessories and gift side, there're fancy-looking leather and canvas bags from Krane; 6oz flasks from Wilouby, durable leather wallets from Billykirk, and the Clocky, an alarm clock that jumps off your nightstand and scurries away, effectively ruling out any chance of being purchased. They also stock Kiehls grooming supplies, and are about to drop their own Shorty's shaving kit, because a fresh haircut may make you feel like a new man, but that goatee's making you look like an old one. Who sucks.