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Quadrupel Brasserie

When you've got the best of both worlds, it's unlikely that anything can go wrong -- unless one of those worlds leaves midway through a set, then gets maced backstage by an associate of the other world's named "Ty Ty". Giving you the best of both without a $90 million dollar lawsuit, Quadrupel Brasserie.Just opening today in Pasadena, Quadrupel's a new eatery that mashes up a wood-laden, massive bar-bedecked long beer listed Belgian brew pub with the grub of a bistro that focuses on French, though its diary proves it'll totally do other stuff. Foodwise, the menu's full of frog classics: steamed mussels in lobster sauce (or mariniere style); grilled orange-marinated quail & duck confit w/ roasted yams, snow peas, and warm grapes; and Niman Ranch flat iron steak frites, in rosemary oil w/ molasses Bordelaise sauce and grilled asparagus, which eventually cracked and admitted it made everyone's pee smell. On the suds tip, they've got 70+ mostly-Belgian options, like the malty, 9% Abbaye Des Rocs; the amber-colored Saison 1900, and New York's 3 Philosophers, which ironically will prevent you from making a rational argument. They've also got a bar-friendly "snacks" menu, w/ more international fare like pork & pancetta meatballs in a bacon-tomato sauce w/ grilled ciabatta and Schreiner sausages w/ pickled veggies, sauerkraut, and both Dijon and whole-grain mustards -- the best of both worlds, unless their universe prefers ketchup.