Cheaper tech from an Apple alum

Macs offer many positives, from their easy-breezy OS to their virus free-ness, but they are definitely expensive, and you do have to become friends with Justin Long. For Mac-ness on the cheap, check out Quo

Quo's a new Alhambra-based computer company started by a former Apple consultant, who decided to boldly take on His Jobsness, and make a line of non-Mac machines that run OS X Leopard, while way-undercutting Mac prices. Quo's offering three desktop units, each loaded with all the standard new-Mac software (iPhoto, Garage Band, iDvd, Pages, etc), with the cheapest around $900 and the most expensive just under two grand -- still $1000+ less then the comparable Mac Pro, whose money makes it feel better about being banned from the Gadget Olympics. Basic model options range from the starter 2.33 GHz LifeQ (faster than the basic iMac), to the mid-range ProQ (w/ Bluetooth and dual 640GB hard drives, twice as much space as a Mac Pro), to the high-end MaxQ, which has separate one-terabyte and 640GB hard drives, a quad-core 3.8GHz processor, and a top-of-the-line Nvidia graphics processor, with 9800 GTX one-gig ram -- and if you know what that means, you'll love this one: 10110001110

Machines'll be available online next week, but right now, you can order one by phone or stop by Quo's small Alhambra showroom. All models're also able to run Windows and Linux, an operating system that can't even get Justin Long to stop by and drink its beer.