Railcar Fine Goods

The LA public transit system's always been known for great things, like, um, the...no, um, that a, what...hmmmm. For an actual thing you can thank our transit system for, check out Railcar Fine Goods

Railcar's a clothing company dedicated to well-made, wearable, classic gear, all from a guy who dreamed up all this stuff working his day job as an engineer on the Gold Line (so, it actually does exist!). All the gear's hand-stitched on vintage machines to give it added authenticity, and includes button-ups like the flannel-plaid "Moto," w/ pearl buttons up the diagonal-striped placket; the cotton "Western", available in both a busy red pattern and a less-aggressive yellow; and a fitted, dark Japanese denim workshirt that's dark (so... it's Robot friend has dirty beast sex with the denim's friend who looks like a puffalump?). Shipping just this week are their simply-styled jeans in a couple options including a double-stitched, Japanese raw-denim straight leg and a North Carolina-sourced number w/ a tapered fit made to make your legs look slim, and for its next trick, it will solve Greece's financial crisis!

Railcar's planning on expanding in the upcoming months, w/ more basics like jackets and leather belts, the rubber kind of which're used in the tracks to make public transportation work...or...something, right? They definitely use belts for something.