Random Creepy Guy

They say smile and the world smiles with you, unless that world includes a creepy drag queen who snuck into your Quinceñara party. Making you smile at those moments, RandomCreepyGuy

Just launched out of Santa Monica by a web designer and his sometime-actor friend, Random Creepy Guy is a photo blog composed of otherwise-good-lookin' pictures "ruined" by various deranged outsiders, and possibly, their sometime-actor friend. Some examples:

"At Least The Bums In Russia Are Happy!": A just-married couple shares a nuptial kiss on an Eastern European bridge as a one-eyed, cigarette smoking beggar smiles, probably because he just realized he's totally got the day off.

"Happy Quincineñara": As a Latina family (including a young, tiara-clad lass) smile for the camera, a pale, stringy haired drag queen pokes into view, presumably on a mission to poke something else.

"Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In": On the beach: 11 hot, bikini'd girls. In the water: one flailing, naked, intensely awkward man. You: confused and embarrassed about your erection

Each photo also includes an occasionally-funny caption, and the site accepts user submissions with the hope of updating itself at least twice a day, 'cause the world may smile with you, but it'd much rather smile at green-skinned bald dudes.