Old-school jeans that are one of a kind

No matter where life takes you, you always remember the best parts of your childhood: getting your first baseball glove, seeing dino skeletons at the museum, or the rush of turning your precocious first trick. Hooker. For clothing inspired by such fond childhood memories, check out Rivi

Rivi's an LA jeansery dedicated to old-schoolish denim made with hands-on techniques (material selection, hand-sewing, abrasion processes, etc), started by a former pro skater who decided to craft his brand around childhood memories of the jeans worn by toiling family on their farm...y'know, that old story. Everything's made in his Little Tokyo warehouse, with selvage denim sourced from Japan and, even more exotically, the US; all jeans're hand-measured for sizing, with some using untreated raw denim, and others hand-sanded for a vintage feel and/or dipped in resin and oven-baked, with not one single pair ever washed in a machine -- ensuring they won't feel superior to the rest of your pants. Models're named after the founder's family members, like the slim-fit, button fly "Jesse" (available raw, with a dark stone wash, or 'dirty vintage' sanded and stone-washed), the fuller, straight-leg "Joe", and the traditional 5-pocket "TJ" with extra-wide thighs, cause have you seen Shatner recently

Even Rivi's tags're made in-house, where they're hand-stamped after being imbued with a vintage look by getting dipped in hot coffee, also what your first john cunningly convinced a young you was the going rate.