Moviegoing's timeless problem: how to consume "small" sodas without hitting the bathroom, risking missing the magical moment when Matthew McConaughey puts his shirt on. Coming to your rescue: RunPee.

Run's a long-needed compendium of when-to-urinate-during-flicks information ensuring you won't miss major plot points/action, started by a SoCal web designer who got the idea after painfully holding it for the entirety of King Kong, adding insult to injury. Pick your flick, and up'll pop a timeline telling you the exact dullest moments to bolt (and how long you'll have); you'll also get a description of what you'll be pissing through, made spoiler-proof by appearing in gobbledygook until you hit "click to unscramble" (too bad your brain didn't come with one). Movies're added by the founder each week according to what's hitting theaters, then thrown into an archive after about a month (sortable alphabetically, by release date, or running time); also in there are classic films like Star Wars and Aliens, whose actual piss-time suggestion should really be "whenever you hit pause, stupid".

Movies can only be added by the founder, but he's open to suggestions; you can update existing flicks with your own RunPee time after registering, so you can be a part of ensuring that no one misses that one magical moment in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, when the credits finally start to roll.