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Save the Date(ing)

Supporting a good cause is noble, but honestly, it's hard to get super fired up about "Saving the Manatees" when you're still saving up for a new propeller for your speedboat. For a cause you can actually get behind, Save The Date(ing)

Just launched in LA, STD (!) is a personalized dating/networking/event-organizing service that (unlike websites/bar hook-ups) narrows the playing field to strictly quality people, ironically started by a girl so hopelessly single, she decided to set all her friends up just to pretend to be happy about it. It works like this: each applicant, male or female, is individually vetted in person by the founder or one of her cronies, who'll turn down anyone who's not generally attractive, successful (based more on confidence/happiness than income), interested in having fun (digs travel/food/etc), and overall "not creepy"; your shallow concern about actual beauty's acknowledged by the owner, who claims to "think like a guy" -- which seems unlikely, given that they turn down ugly people. Once accepted, you'll get invites to 3-6 low-impact (i.e., no speed dating/forced awkwardness) events each month, each of which has a perfect 1:1 ratio and includes a full open bar, food, and an activity; past examples include everything from wine-pairing dinners to bocce ball tournaments to "Paint Your Own Pollack", which must have been a really strange night for perennially lonely Ed Harris

Since everyone's already vetted career-wise, biz-networking's also encouraged; upcoming local events include the make-your-own-cocktail "Mixology 101," a crash-course on single-malts from a Balvenie master blender, and an interactive Santa Monica Bay sunset sail, but because of that damn manatee, powerboats are too noisy for chit-chat.