The best things are often hidden in plain view, like chameleons, or Waldo on that tricky "At the Beach" page -- wait, there he is, next to the dude with the unique sunburn! For mewelry hiding its own special use, check Shhmokewear

Shhmokewear's a just-launched line of handmade, woven-hemp bracelets and necklaces that're just kind of cool, until you realize they unspool to serve as mini-hookahs, all created by a former festival vendor who learned his weaving skills from Venice beach homeless people artisans. Each piece's made entirely by hand outta friendship-bracelet-style hemp rope and beads wrapped around a bendable, straw-like hollow interior, with the clasp actually a connected pipe bowl and a screw-top, since Carrot tops are too bulky. Bracelets come in a bunch of styles, including the kinda-amateur looking "Chunky Natural", the tight-wound "Smooth Style", and a selection of bi-colored reversible numbers; "Neck Hookahs" are wider and come as both a lengthy necklace and short choker -- so, a legless Michael Hutchence

Though they're shooting for wider distribution, so far Shhmokewear's available on the net and at a few stores by the beach, which's hopefully the same one where Waldo scoped that topless sunbathing chick get ice cream dumped on her back. Oh man, is she ever pissed!