Silversun Pickups' Coachella Playlist

If you're reading this, you're not at Coachella. And if you are, why the hell are you reading this? Assuming the former, we tapped tonight's Outdoor Stage headliners Silversun Pickups to keep you in the loop on the hottest tracks by bands who'll be burning up the desert this weekend:Friendly Fires: "Skeleton Boy"Manic 80s keyboards and flourishes of disco propel a Robert Smith sound-alike in this cure for The Cure.Lykke Li:"Dance, Dance, Dance"This flirty, girlish Swedish vocalist seduces over artful, bouncing cowbells broken up by a horn solo, which'll make you sit there and be overcome by the sexiness of it all...that's right, cowbells. Mmm.No Age:"Teen Creeps"This local two-guy punk cacophony makes such an impressive ruckus, you'll swear they were a local three-guy punk cacophony.A Place To Bury Strangers:"To Fix The Gash in Your Head"This New York act sounds like the band that would be playing in the bad guy with a pony tail's industrial warehouse rave with impossibly hot chicks who're probably vampires, and who you'd definitely get nice with anyway.Blitzen Trapper:"Furr"This band's melodic folk track is so solid, it's like Bob Dylan impregnated Elliott Smith, and they just crawled right out of his urethra.Vivian Girls:"Where Do You Run To"Tambourine meets drugged-up surf rock jangle from a group of Brooklyn chicks named after the longest work of fiction in recorded history. (Spoiler alert: Vivian dies).Fleet Foxes:"Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"Even as they lull you to sleep with acoustic guitars and sensitive-singer harmonies, these foxes are bearing down on your luscious chickens.The Kills:"Superstition"Choppy blues guitar charges this two-piece's succubus-ditty titled "Superstition". You'd be superstitious too, if your bandmate was clearly harboring demons.F**ked Up:"Golden Seal"This brooding maelstrom of B-horror movie synth and guitars is a departure for this band, known to a cult audience for their unpublishable name, 17-minute punk opuses, and years of paying dues in Canada dives -- so, basically, they've got it going on.